About Us

Welcome to The Zellie Shop!  We are the Schugg family currently of Clovis, NM! I started this shop because I, like many people, never knew what to give for gifts. I didn't want to gift something that would just collect dust, or that someone would give away in a month when they realized it was useless! For Christmas of 2017, I gave everyone in my family a custom travel mug...and it was a hit! FINALLY, I hit the nail on the head with presents.

Since December of 2017, I've been pondering the idea of opening up my own shop, but wasn't sure if I was ready for the commitment of running one...it's a lot of work! But with friends and family asking me more and more to make them custom mugs, I decided to go for it!

The Zellie shop was named after my two Great Danes, Zetter & Ellie. We're so happy to be sharing this journey with you and we hope you like everything we have to offer.

If you ever want to reach out to me, please do so! Morgan@SchuggLLC.com